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Picarro is the global leader in methane emissions measurement, emissions reduction, pipe replacement, and advanced leak survey solutions.

We offer data-driven solutions for Natural Gas Operators to reduce emissions and improve infrastructure safety.

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  • Picarro has developed an incredible solution for combining methane data with the Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) and external data sets to more effectively manage pipe replacement, fugitive emissions, and the leak survey and repair process.

    Chief Risk Officer
    Major West Coast United States Utility Company

  • We have a firm vision to have zero fugitive emissions in our more than 12,000 kilometers of networks that supply natural gas to more than 800,000 users.

    Chief Operations Officer
    Major European Country Utility Company

  • We have a goal, as a company, to reduce our methane emissions by 50% by 2025, and this car is really helping us get there.

    Manager of Risk Assessment
    Major Midwest United States Utility Company

  • 5% of the emitters represent generally about 50% of the emissions, and that's true for all assets, which is a great opportunity because we can actually deal with a small number of large emitters and reduce our emissions effectively. In terms of resource management, it's critical that you don't run after every small thing. It's much more effective to run after the big things, and because they are dominant, you make a big difference.

    Senior Manager, R&D and Innovation, Gas Operations
    Major West Coast United States Utility Company

  • We all know as operators, you can't address all of your risk all at once. You have to be able to prioritize things based off budget and other constraints. That's really where we see the PICARRO EQ dashboard and leak density dashboard coming into play. We have to prescriptively replace pre-'74 plastic and pre-'50s steel, but determining where to start and how to best allocate our resources and dollars is really where we see the benefits.

    Distribution Integrity Engineer
    Major Southern United States Utility Company

  • The Picarro technology has transformed our ability to find and then fix natural gas leaks on our system. We’ll build on our success and create the next generation of leak management capabilities for the industry by enhancing safety, improving quality, and capturing efficiencies, as well as, reducing the impact on the environment

    Major West Coast United States Utility Company

  • Picarro has built the industry’s leading methane analytics platform. It has enabled Italgas, as well as the world’s leading gas utilities companies, to evolve gas infrastructure towards a more sustainable future.

    CEO & Chairman
    Major European Country Utility Company

  • Consumers Energy's goal to be NetZero by 2030 is extremely important, and vehicles like Picarro are going to help us reach that goal. Being able to find and identify emissions events, whether it be part of our routine survey, looking at pipeline that's selected for repair, or even our system that isn't selected for repair...finding, identifying, and fixing those emissions events is going to help us drive down our emissions score in total and help reach that goal of being NetZero by 2030.

    Team Lead
    Major Midwest United States Utility Company

  • First, the support that Picarro lends to us, and the folks that are in the field, is really unmatched in the industry, in terms of getting people to answer phones, and the second part of it is the analytics side of it. There really isn't anybody out there doing the type of analytics that Picarro is doing. So the value add for that part of it is a really big benefit for us.

    Manager of Risk Assessment
    Major Midwest United States Utility Company

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