Picarro is the global leader in

emissions measurement and reduction, pipe replacement, and advanced leak survey solutions.

We enable Natural Gas Operators to reduce methane emissions and improve the safety of their infrastructure.

Emissions Measurement

Picarro provides the only proven data driven solution to measure, quantify and report methane emissions across your network. »
  • Supports OGMP 2.0, NGSI, One Future, Veritas, Marcogaz
  • Adopted and implemented by multiple leading operators worldwide

Emissions Reduction

10% of leaks account for up to 50% of your emissions. Find them using advanced leak detection & analytics. »
More than 2/3 of large leaks, also known as super emitter leaks, are hazardous. Quantifying them is critical. Repairing them provides an instant system risk reduction. Picarro’s solution allows you to quickly and effectively identify their location. »

Pipe Replacement

Address 1.5x more leaks per year and save $Millions of O&M annually through analytics. »
1.5x more leaks remediated through pipe replacement using Picarro’s methane data & analytics. This could mean up to $35k additional O&M cost avoided per mile of pipe replaced than with existing risk models. A utility with 10,000 miles of mains, replacing 1% annually, could see up to $3.5M recurring annual O&M cost avoidance. »

Advanced Leak Survey

Increase safety by eliminating 3x more hazardous leaks in half the time through Picarro’s Advanced Leak Detection and Priority Ranking algorithm. »
Traditional survey has been shown to have a 66% false negative rate for finding hazardous leaks. Picarro analytics find 3x more hazardous leaks at the same leak survey and repair budget. »

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