Picarro Drive Survey “Host” Vehicle Guide

This document will serve as a guide to selecting a suitable vehicle for use in Picarro AMLD drive survey usage. Our minimum requirements are quite simple, but there are some larger considerations to make when choosing a host vehicle. The Picarro system needs a roughly 30”x30”x30” cube of storage space

June 21, 2023

Transforming Leak Detection and Repair: A Deep Dive into PHMSA’s Proposed Amendments

Proposed Amendments Welcome to an exploration of the future of pipeline safety and environmental standards. We're diving headfirst into the game-changing proposals put forward by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA ). PHMSA is poised to revolutionize the pipeline industry with 11 key amendments under the auspices of

June 9, 2023

Picarro’s Innovative Solution for Detecting and Measuring Fugitive Methane Emissions

Natural gas distribution system operators (DSO) around the world must detect and measure methane emissions to find and eliminate hazardous leaks, meet financial budgets and shareholder expectations, and address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Mitigation can only happen once DSOs understand their emissions. It can be very challenging to

May 12, 2023

Emissions Measurement

Methods of Estimating Network-Wide Gas Leak Flow Rates - Which is Best for Your Utility? The key to understanding and tackling the methane emissions problem is to identify, measure, quantify, and reduce the methane emissions from your business activities. Knowing the total emissions volume of your organization is a critical

March 12, 2023

Community Green Blog: Volume 2

In our recent podcast on methane abatement, part of our expert series, which features the perspectives of industry leaders on the challenges and advancements in gas and energy sectors, Picarro’s Francois Rongere, Senior Director Solution Architect, Climate and Safety, and Sean MacMullin, Senior Director of Software and Data Analytics, discuss

February 13, 2023

Community Green Blog: Volume 1

In our recent podcast, we tackled the critical issue of methane data collection, leak detection and emissions measurement - uncovering the current state of the industry and its potential future directions. Our guest experts, Picarro’s Francois Rongere, Senior Director Solution Architect, Climate and Safety, and Sean MacMullin, Senior Director of

January 13, 2023

Gas Utilities Seek Digital Solutions to Reduce Methane Emissions and Ensure Public Safety

Gas operators are increasingly being challenged to reduce methane emissions, and to do so in a continuous, verifiable way. This challenge at its most extreme has some cities recently banning natural gas in new construction. Further, as the infrastructure ages, gas operators face challenges in managing budgets and unplanned work due to an accelerating rate of growth in the number of leaks emerging from leak-prone pipe. These pressures are driving the need to manage gas assets as cost-effectively as possible.

December 13, 2022