Develop a deep understanding of system risk to better prioritize risk management decisions 

Traditional risk models rely upon large datasets that are frequently dated and lacking the contextual perspective needed to make risk management decisions.

Picarro solutions combine real-time methane data with powerful analytical tools that enable unprecedented control of gas assets. This level of granularity, across multiple spatial views, means a crystal-clear understanding of system risk and immediately actionable insight for faster risk reduction. 

  • Identify high-risk areas from an in-depth visual representation of risk across different spatial scales.
  • Leverage emission data to quickly identify root causes of risk scenarios. 
  • Understand and predict potentially hazardous leak migration through use of methane flow rate data.
  • Reduce order call expense by using predictive risk mapping to identify leaks before customers report them. 
  • Streamline budgeting and risk planning via predictive leak-creation rate modeling.

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