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Whitepaper: Emissions Measurement

Methane emissions are at the center of the current climate crisis due to methane’s outsized contribution to global warming. Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, being approximately 86 times more negatively impactful on climate change than carbon dioxide within the first 20 years in the atmosphere. It represents as much as 25% of the historic warming that can be attributed to human activities and is considered the greenhouse gas most responsible for driving warming in the near-term. Methane also represents a great opportunity for countries across the globe to drastically reduce their overall carbon footprint. This opportunity is owed to the fact that much of the methane that enters our atmosphere is from sources that may be mitigated effectively. Further, due to methane’s short lifespan in the atmosphere (just 12-15 years versus >100 years for carbon dioxide), meaningful reduction in atmospheric greenhouse gases may be realized within a single generation. With the proper protocols and technology, mankind can win the fight against fugitive methane emissions and thus drastically affect the warming trend of our planet. Methane emissions reporting and reduction is the single greatest lever that may be pulled today to slow down the warming of the planet, and Picarro has the reporting application that should be the bedrock of every utility’s emissions management and reporting process.